Gravity suddenly existed out of no where you know. Isn’t it intriguing? I could probably come up with a conspiracy theory and say something along the lines of the world being a playground for every force which wants to ruin man till there is nothing left to ruin. Think about it, a statement that “man was created to know no growth, hence the idea of gravity because no matter how high you go, you will, eventually, be pulled down”. Negative energy. Most battles are won even before they are fought because of how powerful the mind is. The matter of conscience or other things Science can’t explain has made it clear that despite how physical a world may seem or is, there is always something else. Some people give it a fancy name like the unknown, or zodiac or some other name someone decided would be nice and trendy and everyone decides to follow them because they identify as them. It’s strange how we limit ourselves in a plethora of definitions handed to us by someone. Snow…something as simple as snow is limitless. I could rebut the first argument made earlier about life being a playground to ruin every man by stating this very limitless characteristic of snow. Yes, it does fall, but for how long does it remain snow? It gives life if it dies and also gives life through joy to people who find happiness in just watching the snow fall. Let’s not also forget that snowfall isn’t mediocre. It falls and claims patterns, it fills roads, it breaks boundaries. So, what line do you want to toll? Would you take the first belief that you’re pretty much dead before you even start the race, or will you take the path which breaks boundaries to define your own level of the limitless you?

~Samantha Reindorf✍🏽

When I think of how to make others smile, I think of how best to make sure that you are the best of yourself.